Supporting Children and Young People

Supporting Children and Young People

It can be difficult to talk with children and young people about sex and sexuality. It can be hard to tell the difference between what is “typical” sexual development and behaviours, and behaviours that may be of concern or ones that may indicate that a child needs help and support.

Birds and Bees offers counselling and support to children and young people with sexualised behaviours of concern and/or problematic sexualised behaviours. 

When children or young people display sexual behaviours of concern and behaviours that are causing harm to others or  behaviours that are leaving the young person vulnerable, it is integral that they are given therapeutic intervention. Birds and Bees provides counselling and psychoeducation to children and young people that are identified as at risk and/or kids and young people with offending behaviour.

As both a Member of ANZATSA (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse) and an Associate Counsellor- (CSOCAS) NSW Child Sex Offender Accredited Counselling Scheme, Birds and Bees offers evidenced based interventions for children and young people and upholds the code of conduct and ethics for professionals that support this special cohort of young people.

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